‘It must be summer…’

‘…’cause the days are long.’

‘Stretched out on a blanket in the sand / kids of all ages diggin’ Disneyland.’
‘Out for summer / Out ’til fall / We might not go back at all!’
‘Deep waters flow / out to the sea / Summer breeze / blows endlessly…’
‘Boop-boop-ba-boop-boop when I want to…’
‘The green leaves of summer / are callin’ me home.’
‘Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty.’
‘In the summertime / when the weather is high / you can chase right up / and touch the sky.’
‘Do you remember when the first snowflake fell? When summer barely had a snowball’s chance in hell?’
‘The sun is coming / quick, you must be gone…’

The song lyrics used as captions are copyright their respective authors.

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