Love is blind (and a sloppy kisser)

Area chipmunks and rabbits are glad that Miles can no longer see them.
Area chipmunks and rabbits are glad that Miles can no longer see them.

Click click click, thump.

Click click, thump.

Click click click, thump.

This is the sound of living with a newly blind dog (if you have wood floors). Within a week of being diagnosed with diabetes, Miles developed cataracts that rapidly stole his vision.

Unlike the NFL, we try to keep potentially concussive incidents to a minimum. Like the NFL, we also can’t help but wince then chuckle when the occasional impact occurs.

Reese and Wyatt: on the lookout for everything but their brother.
Reese and Wyatt: on the lookout for everything but their brother.

There are, as the saying goes, “none so blind as those that will not see.” I use that phrase out of context (Matthew Henry employed it in his biblical commentary from the early 1700s, and today it applies to Republicans), but it suits the manner in which Miles has confronted the sudden challenges of blindness.

Um, where did everybody go?
Where did everybody go?

The proverbial bull in a China shop, Miles has always possessed an inclination to charge ahead fearlessly; our bedroom door is marred from his efforts to ram the door open when closed to allow a certain someone to catch some extra shuteye. He remains steadfast in his bullish approach, even when we implore him to stop or try to lead him in the proper direction—he plows forward until an object stops him, a furry physics lesson.

His navigation skills continue to improve (he is especially adept at finding his way through the home at mealtime), and he has developed a confident gait on walks. A blind pet requires human adaption as well. We have learned to talk to Miles as we move through the house or venture outside; to clear thoroughfares of obstacles; to buffer sharp corners; to guide him through unfamiliar settings; to not develop a sudden feng shui obsession and start rearranging furniture.

Reese's heightened senses allow him to locate mud pretty much anywhere.
Reese’s heightened senses allow him to locate mud pretty much anywhere.

While Miles’ blood sugar has been slow to drop to the desired level, his energy has improved such that we took him on a short hike to enjoy the fall colors. Miles, of course, could not have cared less about the goldening of the aspen, but he did seem to enjoy the other sensations that only the great outdoors can provide.

And he only bumped into a couple trees.

'For love is blynd...'
‘For love is blynd…’

3 thoughts on “Love is blind (and a sloppy kisser)

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  1. It’s amazing to me the matter-of-fact manner in which so many pets (and non-human animals in general) are able to adapt to challenges like this; Miles has handled the hardships of the past few weeks much better than I have.

    His diet is actually going great. He has lost 20 pounds over the past year, and nearly 10 of those in the past month alone; his energy has also improved dramatically (which has the unfortunate effect of him head-butting a lot of objects he can no longer see). If only there was a way to convince the likes of Miles and MasterB that the weight-loss is not only good for their health, but has a positive effect on the way they feel as well…


  2. Pobre Miles. My aunt had a dog who went blind. She was still the best guard dog in the house. Quite amazing the way she coped.
    I love the idea of you chatting away to Miles as you go around the house and the other two wondering why you aren’t talking to them.
    How is his diet going?
    MasterB’s biscuit thingy is good, but I am still looking forward to seeing his waist again.


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