A little Pokemon Go’s a long way

Wyatt is Pikachu-esque.
Wyatt strikes a Pikachu-esque pose.

“I walked 10 kilometers for that?” my better half asked with a dollop of indignation.

The egg of a less-than-impressive Pokemon Go character had just hatched whilst walking the dogs.

It’s dangerous enough to walk one of our dogs, each of whom is prone to abruptly and forcefully altering course based on the moment’s prevailing scent. It’s tempting fate to do so while simultaneously glued to an object that is ostensibly a phone, only inconveniently larger and more fragile, and hunting digital beasts designed to look as if they’re lurking in our natural surroundings without us actually paying attention to our natural surroundings.

There's gotta be a Charmeleon in there somewhere....
There’s gotta be a Charmeleon in there somewhere….

But I come to praise Pokemon Go, not to bury it. I think it’s great. It has people walking.

Walking into glass doors, off of cliffs, into mud pits, up trees, into zoo enclosures, into moving cars, onto venomous snakes, into caves, over international borders, and onto expressways. A wanted criminal even walked into a police station while playing Pokemon Go.

The game has been implicated in no shortage of car accidents (driving is cheating!) and robberies. It has been linked to dozens of verifiable deaths.

“Tragedy is when I cut my finger,” Mel Brooks explained. “Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.”

I tried Pokemon Go once. It’s more fun to watch others walk into things.

Miles Pokemon Goes with the flow.
Miles Pokemon Goes with the flow.

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