‘The greater the ignorance the greater the dog(matism)’

wyatt the dog in the woods
And here Wyatt didn’t think he’d live to see 1963.

The dogs have had me wondering a lot lately whether ignorance really is bliss.

This train of thought began over the long Independence Day weekend, when I sought freedom from further discourse over whatever vitriolic policies our pseudo-president vomited forth that week. The assault is so scattershot I can barely keep up with the targets anymore.

So I unplugged. I avoided television and radio, and I used my pocket computer only as a camera and to check baseball scores.

Miles is so distraught most days he can’t even get out of the humans’ bed.

I read and wrote and hiked and bought overpriced peaches from a roadside stand (the peaches were later transformed by my better half into a delicious pie that justified the cost). For four glorious, progressively relaxing days I enjoyed a dog-like lack of awareness. But the respite could only last so long, and as soon as I tuned back in I envied the dogs’ perpetual ignorance of politics.

A dog, Will Rogers noted, “does nothing for political reasons.” Though I wish I could train ours to take over my weekly calls and emails to our beleaguered representatives (who include one figurative lapdog).

Over the past few weekends, I’ve repeated the process. No news from Friday night until Monday morning. I’ve found myself more productive, less stressed and perhaps a touch more pleasant to be around.

And then this morning, Sunday, Aug. 13, while I was trying to sneak an innocent peek at the weather, I stumbled across a headline regarding Saturday’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia. I read the articles; I watched the videos. I wondered why this garbage president responds to veiled threats from North Korea with “fire and fury” and “locked and loaded” and other phrases that sound like the titles of 1980s action movies, and with American Nazis—take another moment to process those words—who are responsible for multiple deaths on U.S. soil we get mumbles and “many sides” and the prompt resumption of a golf vacation?

I was thankful the dogs were ignorant of the news, of the Gothic stupidity of this president, of what humans were doing to other humans. And I was thankful to them for reinforcing yet another life lesson: Ignorance is only bliss for the ignorant.

wyatt the dog in a creek
Wyatt may be ignorant, but he is not stupid. He knows this is not a substitute for a bath.

2 thoughts on “‘The greater the ignorance the greater the dog(matism)’

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  1. Like you, I find there is only so much news I can take. With the Trump/Kim Jong Un scenario I keep wondering how many days the rest of us have left if they both remain in power. it was pointed out that while Trump has to get some of his madder policies past other elected representatives, his maddest idea, pressing the nuclear button, is his decision alone. Brexit pales into insignificance.
    It’s been nice knowing you.

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    1. My apologies for the late reply (it’s been a busy–and briefly sick–week). I’m heading your way next for some catch-up binge-reading… But it’s funny that you point that out re: the button; I remember feeling a similar anxiety as a kid during the peak of the Cold War and knowing that a couple hair-trigger goofballs could essentially destroy the world. At least in this case both have backed off a bit and are content to torment their own citizens for a bit.


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