Meet the Pack

Name: Reese

AKA: Chompington, Sweet Pea (my better half would have me add “Princess”)

Breed: German shepherd/husky mix

DOB: @December 2003

POB: Kalispell, Mont.

Favorite toy: Wyatt

Likes: Hiking; swimming; snow; chasing (but not actually fetching) tennis balls; leaping on strangers; marking anything outside that stands more than three inches off the ground, including trees, fire hydrants, fence posts, garage sale signs and individual blades of grass; aged, extra-sharp, Vermont cheddar cheese.

Dislikes: Roughly 93 percent of all dry dog food brands; the word “no;” the loud, rampant swearing that accompanies the playing of video games and the viewing of televised sports; cows.

Favorite rule to break: Slipping into The Proprietor’s chair right before he tries to sit down.

Craziest thing I’ve ever done: Chased a moose.

* * * *

Name: Miles

AKA: Miles T., T-Dawg

Breed: Catahoula leopard hound

DOB: @December 2004

POB: Pocatello, Idaho

Favorite toy: Tire with rope

Likes: Eating; tug-of-war; trying to eat other dogs’ food; hiking; attempting to eat the poop of random wildlife while hiking; napping; dreaming of breaking into the closet where dog food and treats are stored and eating everything contained therein; slurping humans in their ears; the sound of the food-closet door opening.

Dislikes: Any water outside of a bowl (despite allegedly being a water dog); nail-clipping sessions; fireworks; thunder; backfiring cars; the time between breakfast and dinner.

Favorite rule to break: Jumping up to the kitchen counter and sink to check for crumbs and scraps.

Craziest thing I’ve ever done: Three-way tie: ate an entire, 30-pound bag of dog food in a span of 15 minutes; knocked a Tupperware container full of Christmas cookies and fudge off the top of the refrigerator then devoured everything (including half the plastic lid); climbed more than 6 feet up a juniper to try and catch a squirrel.

* * * *

Name: Wyatt

AKA: Whineit

Breed: Border collie/husky mix

DOB: March 11, 2008

POB: Fairplay, Colo.

Favorite toy: Wubba

Likes: Wrestling with my bros; hiking; snow days; chasing rocks; meeting new dogs (people, not so much); being in constant motion; knocking a ball under the couch, whining until The Proprietor retrieves it, then repeating the process; peeled, baby carrots.

Dislikes: Remaining still for longer than a nanosecond; sleeping; car rides (they require being stationary, often for agonizing periods of longer than five minutes); the spatial constraints of a leash; cleanliness.

Favorite rule to break: The “stay” command.

Craziest thing I’ve ever done: Tried to jump on the back of one of those giant Marmaduke dogs

Reese, Miles and Wyatt support environmental stewardship, including awareness and respect for native wildlife. All text and photographs are copyright Steve Lysaker unless otherwise noted.

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  1. This is great!! I didn’t know you had a blog, Ive read your 3 most recent posts & cant stop, although I need to get back to work, I will be tuning in more later on! Keep up the good work big bro!!!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I just do it for fun/personal sanity, but it’s cool that some other people have caught on and seem to like it. Now get back to work (haha…)!


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